IS MS and WP Team Lost with priorities?

I came to this site through a David Pierce article on iPhone 5S review, by doing a Google search and the article was pretty great including the video. I was already inclined towards buying 5S anyway but theVerge's review further approved my decision to go for it.

But what this site also has managed to do is, give me information about WP8 and particularly WP 8.1 which sounds very very interesting. All the leaks about Digital assistant, action center, new tile actions and exhaustive set of new features are great additions to the platform.

I personally haven't seen many people carrying WP around me. Its like 1 in a 200 or may be 1 in a 500. Most of them(60% -70%) just carry iPhones with them & some carry the new huge ass sized Androids. But whatever feedback I recieve about the platform from a very small of people I know using them are:

App Scarcity and Notification System Suck.

People using it have told me that even today WP doesn't have a dedicated Facebook Messenger or a Hangouts client. The Video calling services like Skype, viber etc simply do not work and none of them work as reliably as they work on iOS or Android Operating System. WP seems to have Facebook messenger baked into Messaging client which simply doesn't connect to server in 90% of the cases/is very slow/is missing ton of functionality. The messenger apps like im+ sometimes never gets the messages on time, sometimes late by a day and is unable to find people who are idle on their phones but still connected.

But unfortunately there have been no reports of how much of these internal flaws of WP are fixed in 8.1.