$10b for Whatsapp? Larry Page is crazy!

I am astounded at the reaction people are having to the acquisition of WhatsApp. The Verge somehow tries to make a meaning out of a $16b acquisition? (and google offering $10b). Its utterly ridiculous. Zuckerberg and Page are crazy, they are the main shareholders and nobody stops them. Larry has shown his "skills" with the Motorola fiasco, and had they acquired Whatsapp it would be the same story. As for Facebook...we will have to wait and see.

Maybe I am just going crazy, but it seems to me that with Larry Page as CEO, Google is starting to make some really stupid decisions. Schmidt would have never approved a $10b acquisition...he actually purchases companies to them make a profit out of them (like when they bought Android), not to sell them four years later for a quarter of the price!


Update: It is ridiculous to think that the 3.5 billion active users that use SMS will all switch to Whatsapp, who only currently has 450million.