Community Announcement: The Verge Daily: Off-Topic Starts Feb 24

Hey there friends. In the interest of getting to know you all a bit better I would like to announce the creation of a daily thread here on The Verge in our Off-Topic forum. A space where you can hang out, talk and relax with the community.

The best part? There will be no flame wars. So wipe your feet at the door and get ready for a great time.

The Verge Daily: Off-Topic will officially start on Feb 24, and runs daily Monday through Friday with a single thread taking up residence across the weekend. I've been running a similar thread on Polygon for the past 20 or so months, and the community there have found thats it's a great way to start your day. A place to pop by and just have some good natured chat about anything really, as long as you respect both the community guidelines, and your fellow reader - regardless of your respective technological affiliations.

So who am I, and why is this thread a thing? Allow me to make more of an introduction. My name is Shaun McIlroy and recently I came on board as your Community Manager for The Verge. Before now I've been working solely at Polygon (you might have seen me there) but now that I'm heading up both community teams I'm eager to see what we can do to pull together as a community. Regardless of whether Microsoft, Android or Apple is what drives your reasoning for being here I hope that the Off-Topic will give you a place to make friends, and have good conversation with one another.

Normally on Polygon you get a roundup of the previous days news, features, reviews and most recommended comment on the previous days thread. I'll be bringing a similar build up over in time, but for now you can check out the most recent thread here - and dive in.

There are no company borders here on off-topic. There are no flame wars.

There is only The Verge. Let's talk.