Chromecast and Casual Gaming

Those of us who have 1, 2, 3,.....or more Chromecast, love the thing. A cheap little device that handles our basic streaming and media needs.

What about Gaming? I think the Chrome Cast could be that little device that replaces all those board games we have sitting at home. So when we have friends over and we want to play Scrabble...Chromecast it.

Imagine a large Scrabble Board on your television screen and everyone with their Android or iPhone's just connect over the Chromecast. Instant Cross Platform, Social, Living Room, Fun.

The Beginnings


If you go back a bit in history Google through Chrome was already experimenting with games which can be controlled by your phone and shown on your Chrome browser. Super Sync Sports came out in February of 2013, Allowing multiple users using Chrome to sync up their devices for an interesting sports game on a single screen running Chrome


The Chrome Racer connected multiple devices running chrome creating a single race track users interact if with with their devices. In these two instances, using the TV screen as your large display, and your phone as the "Controller" would have made the experience more immersive.

The Present


Those are the signs that are already there. However now we see an evolution of what these Google Experiments can be. It started with the Santa Tracker App, which was Chromecast enabled. It allowed a user to interact with a more fuller experience on their TV through Chromecast. It didn't do much but it did show the possibillity of what Chromecast can do.

Qcast - screenshot thumbnail

QCast is another app, that is a MultiPlayer Trivia game that uses Chromecast to connect players on the Big Screen. The developer said it was a Proof of Concept, but again it shows what Chromecast could be capable of.

The Future

Moving forward, I feel Google of all companies is the one capable of bringing in a cross platform device allowing users to take advantage of casual multi-player gaming. I am sure the Apple TV will do something like this also, however it will be specific to iOS devices, and in some cases might require the user to "pass" around a device.

I think Chromecast is going to be that device, that gives us that meets our casual gaming needs. That devices that brings those Flash Games we played online, while bored at work to our bring screen with a social aspect to share with our friends.

Chromecast is not just about streaming media, it is about casting entertainment to your screen.