's time to fire your advertising team!

I'll make this short...Apple needs to fire their marketing team and go back to the basics. Every time I see the Robin Williams "Oh life" commercial, it makes me angry. Angry that Apple could allow such a terrible, off-putting, unfocused, un-Apple commercial on TV.

Apple used to have the most entertaining, most distinct, and most effective advertising...this is simply no longer the case. Tim Cook has failed in this department where Steve Jobs had such a knack.

Under Tim Cook we got the Mac Genius adds and now this "Oh life" self-indulgent tripe. While Apple ads always had a certain sentiment, they are now heaped full of saccharine.

I must admit, Samsung makes shitty products...but their latest commercial that mocks Apple's pencil it or hate it, it's an ad I just had to watch. It was entertaining and competitive.