Who's an Android developer? Reveal yourselves!

So, any Android developers around? I have been making my first real app for a service that me and my friends are planning to reveal in a couple of months and it has been really exciting! Any free time I have goes to watching tutorials, design guidelines videos and other material and the app is turning into a pretty great Holo thingie I'm proud of. (I'm not at liberty to say anything more about the service or show any screenshots for the time being, so please don't ask me yet :) ).

So, if you're a developer I'm interested to know: what are your favorite resources for learning more? Any tips for other developers? If you already have apps in the Play Store, do you care to share some links and screenshots?

My tips:

1. A book that really helped me learn Android programming is The Busy Coder's Guide to Android. It's great stuff.

2. I learned Java before I started doing Android programming (obviously). I got some books (e-books and hard copies) but what really helped me understand Java were the free video tutorials by John Purcell from caveofprogramming.com. If you want to learn Java as a complete beginner his videos are very helpful.

3. Coursera is currently running a course called "Programming mobile applications for Android handheld systems". It's a bit confusing for total beginners but if you have some basic knowledge is a great resource.

4. AIDE is a great Android IDE for Android devices. I keep my Eclipse projects in a Dropbox folder and I have that folder synced with AIDE so I switch seamlessly between my PC and my Nexus 7 with BT keyboard. Great bonus: I don't have to use the godawful emulator - I just compile and install the .apk on my Nexus 7 (and Nexus 4, I have AIDE on there too!).