How about a 'One Disk To Rule Them All'

Was just wondering that we have a phone and a tablet and a PC and a laptop, and we all travel here and there. How about a pendrive (like the WIndows8-to-go) that connects to all these devices and stores all the music and apps and data and histories? At home connect this to a laptop and you have all the apps and media and browser history, on the move, connect it to your phone to access the data, while using tablets connect to that; in office connect to the office station; while at some 3rd person's place, connect to their PC/Tablet/Phone for emergencies or general usage or sharing. The devices can also inter-communicate (using phone when the disk is connected to a PC) through bluetooth and would be workable independently too.


Somewhat like Asus Fonepad and Ubuntu's phone visions but much more elaborate and Windows makes it all possible. Windows-to-go is already a good step towards this possibility and if only the Windows Phones were a shrunken Windows 8 software, this would have been a lot easier. Obviously this would create security and privacy issues but then passwords and encryptions can do their bit.