All maps broken on Windows Phone after Amber/Black update


Sorry for posting this here. Me and other Windows Phone users in Pakistan are having serious issues with almost all mapping apps. I had exhausting conversations with @NokiaHelps, @WinPhoneSupport earlier, but they weren't able to help. Recently when I sent @NokiaHelps a link to almost all 1-star reviews of HERE Maps on reginal WP store, they didn't even reply. (see this

The Problem: Maps apps stopped working after Amber update on my phone and after recent Black update on my friend's phone. It seems any app that uses Maps API is affected.

  • HERE Maps crashes on launch
  • Other HERE apps don't crash but they don't show any maps either
  • Bing Maps (enables via shortcut installed from store) doesn't show any maps
  • Even third party apps are affected: Example: Runtastic
  • Waze works perfectly but that is because it doesn't use WP Maps API.

I get the following error when I try to update/download maps:



I have made sure there are no connectivity issues.

The Probable Cause: stops visitors from Pakistan (returns HTTP 403). I asked @haikus and he replied that they have blocked us while they are working on improving maps in my country. Since WP doesn't support VPN at the moment I can verify if this is the actual cause.

Does anyone know what should I do to solve this problem?

UPDATE: Solution! I solved the problem by flashing a UK Lumia 720 firmware instead of preloaded one. Found this solution on Nokia support forums. This seems to work for other Lumias as well. Previously, I had tried everything from reinstalling apps to hard-resetting my phone and even flashing the PK firmware.

Thanks!! :-)