Twitter hacked lost info source!!! •Need Help•

Writing this as a "Cri de Coeur"!!!. You know guys the weirdest things can happen to you in this weird age of social media we live in. Sometimes you get the feeling that this might not just be a coincidence. I mean, the rate at which things go, you might even start believing in some sort of "Voodoo Mama Juju" or something. First you get involved in social media for the sake of socialising more with the people you know, then you see that there is more to it and you get the idea that you can actually become a master of your news intake and bam!!! There you go, you start getting all info filtered out and curated even get an enhancement on the way you approach media and so on. Special thanks to all the crew of The Verge with that one, think I will never stop admiring the level of professionalism and commitment to good work that these ladies and gentlemen have been communicating for all this time!!! Indeed, the fact that we finally got ourselves a tool for information curation and so on is awesome. You begin to surf on the waves of news, and of course get a sense that you are informed at a much higher level than other people. Kinda a nice feeling if you see what I mean?

So, here I was living my normal life and bam again!!! Things went wrong got hacked and my Twitter account got compromised. Started spamming the people that I followed and the inevitable happened, I got blocked. This is were things get weird. Why? Well, because all these perks and so on that you get from going all online for information curation, disappear after a click of a button and never get back. I mean, you get the feeling that there is no way for you to undo a misunderstanding.

You see guys, got hacked and got blocked by people whom I consider to be awesome journalists and there seems to be no way getting back!!! Hence, the "Cri de Coeur". The journalists in question are Adrianne Jeffries and Dieter Bohn. Yes, I know that you guys think that this is probably the most boring, stupid and pointless piece of writing, but for some awkward reason I've deemed this to be a goal that I will achieve no matter what. You know the whole idea of rectifying a wrong that has been done to you, undoing a misunderstanding. I think it's all about the idea that all this social media stuff, twitter, rss and so on are more than just a way of getting your daily set of links which will make your day. I really hope all this is about REAL people who actually care and about the interaction between this people. So, dear Adrianne Jeffries and Dieter Bohn please do unblock me.

Looking forward to your reply (though it is something that I've almost given up on)

Sincerely yours,

Eyong Denis