Galaxy Tab Pro 12.1 the Verge Review

I largely agree with a lot of what the Verge review said about this device, however I strongly disagree with how they reviewed it. They're right when they say this isn't a device aimed at the common consumer, and they're right that it isn't the best option for the common consumer either. However, I don't believe it is as bad for its target audience as the Verge believes it to be. Sure, for some people a regular laptop may be best, for some the iPad may be best for the job due to the apps, and for some (myself included) Windows tablets may be the best option. However, notice none of these are android tablets. Now, couldn't there be people who would benefit from having an android tablet with a focus on productivity? I certainly think so.

There are many businesses who primarily use google software, the Verge included. Android is well known for having the best Google experience, better than on iOS, and certainly better than on Windows. There are many other advantages to android, most of which I'm fairly unfamiliar with, but regardless these things could make many people want an android tablet as their main device, and maybe even their "one device for everything in their life".

On the latest Vergecast, the participants were talking about how viable tablets were for such productivity purposes. David in particular made the case that the main issue was the lack of windows, not the OS, but windows like the ones that can be found on the Galaxy Tab Pro. He (David) raised a problem, where the Galaxy Pro Tab already had the solution. One of the other complaints for this device was the size, and I agree, for many the size may be extremely inconvenient (it certainly would be for me), David on the Vergecast said that it was similar to the size of a small TV. Well, thinking from the perspective of a businessman, that sort of size could be good for a presentations, and furthermore it would good for the multitasking windows David mentioned. Again, a horrible size for the common consumer, but a good size for what it was trying to accomplish. A similar device, Microsoft's Surface, also has window support, but many complain that the size of the screen was too small, perhaps the size of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (terribly long name) is a better fit for windows.

No, this tablet isn't the best device for the common consumer, not by a long shot, but it may very well be the best Android tablet for productivity, and I think the Verge failed to take this into account.