Does no one find this weird about the black M8 leak??

okay, so i was going through @evleaks twitter page, and something i saw looked suspicious (I'm sorry if this has already been pointed out....)







if u notice carefully, the black one is significantly different from the other two.

1. The lower speaker grills. It's totally misaligned in the black one, but not the others.

2. The power button. The power button is clearly visible in the gold and silver onees, but not black.

3. Look at the dual LED flash.

4. If u closely look at the bezels, the black one has thinner bezels than the other two.

5. The cameras. Both the cameras seem to have 2 small black parts or something, i dont know what exactly it is in the ring surrounding it in the gold and silver ones, but not he black one.

There might even be more differences, but I really do hope that this means that the press renders are fake, even though it was leaked by @evleaks... What do you think??