Nokia Icon User Chiming In

There’s always been something to look forward to with Verizon receiving a substantial Windows Phone. I took the bait on Thursday and bought into it with the Nokia Icon. The last 4 devices I’ve used are, starting with the latest: iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5. I'm an equal opportunity phone lover.

After a few days with the device, as much as I’ve tried to be, I’m just not sold. I also disagreed with David Pierce’s review when it was first posted. I thought: "Surely he’s being too harsh." I wanted to prove him wrong. Turns out he’s right more than I want to admit.

He blasted on the hardware. He’s mostly right. The phone isn’t exactly the most comfortable phone to hold. It’s bulky and you don’t realize it until you spend time with it. I’m 6’ with average hands. It’s conscionable that you’re holding it. The relatively straight edges dig into your hands as you hold it. Should you have to think about holding your device? Samsung may make "plasticy" hardware, but their devices are comfortable to hold. Rounded edges are not overrated when you have a hefty device such as this. I’d rather hold a round polished rock than one with edges.

The battery life is leaving a little to be desired. This morning I took the phone off charge at 5:15. Currently, it’s 10:15 and the battery is at 68%. I’ve only had 15 total minutes of screen time. I haven’t been on it at all. Background apps are disabled that I don’t use. My iPhones and Android devices fared much better. Yesterday’s results were also disappointing.

The camera is awesome, though! Shutter lag isn’t an issue as I’ve seen mentioned on reviews. I want to spend more time with it. I think you can do some amazing mobile photography.

Let’s make some dating analogies to my thoughts on the OS. If you’re a guy wanting a girlfriend, you’re looking for the complete package: someone that offers depth, beauty, chemistry, character, etc.. My date with Windows impressed me on first sight. But then, I realized she was lacking depth and there’s a reason she’s single later on in the date. She doesn’t bring much to the table other than her beauty. The home screen scrolls beautifully and IE is great. However… The major apps are there? About half to 2/3 are and those apps that it does have seem to be lacking features and functionality found in their Android and iOS counterparts. My date lacks depth and character. That makes it tough to commit to that second date.

I really want Microsoft to be successful in the mobile phone business. If I were the new CEO, mobile would become a major priority. It’s a gateway into people’s lives. Microsoft has to learn than mobile and tablets are now the average person’s first technical consideration… not the PC. I would back the Brink’s truck up to the developers and carriers to enhance the ecosystem.

For now though, I’ll back my truck up to Verizon and return it.