Will WP8.1 get a visual refresh ?

I'm excited about all the new changes coming to Windows Phone but the most important change that I'm looking up to is a visual refresh which up until now hasn't leaked yet ( assuming there is anything to be leak )

I know that for some people, having a consistent look matters but after three years of selling the same idea without hitting any meaningful marketshare, it makes sense to "freshen" up things a little.

I've long suspected that one one of the reasons why Windows Phone has failed to reach a critical mass is because of it's lack of visual appeal. When you walk into a shop with demo units from android , iOS and windows phone on display ; you're immediately notice the vibrant colours from Samsung, HTC and Apple's devices pop out. This is what Windows Phone lacks and ought to be addressed. The black background and flat colors are subtle, bland and somewhat subdued . It takes a certain kind of person with a particular taste to recognize and appreciate that kind of beauty and as such makes it less appealing to most people.


Same long and feel for 3 years running.

What do you guys think? Is a new visual refresh in order or the look is just fine ?