Need a new Laptop/Tablet

Hey guys, I need a new laptop/tablet. My current one's hinge just broke after I dropped it after 1 2/3 year. Its a Dell Inspiron 15R i7 with NVidia dedicated graphics. I'm hoping to get laptop or tablet hybrid for within my budget of $300-600, preferably with a touchscreen. I'm hoping for a device between 10"-14".

Currently I'm looking at Microsoft's Surface Pro 1, Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2, and Lenovo Yoga 11s.

With the Surface Pro 1, is the stylus only useful for note-taking (because I usually prefer to take notes on paper)?

What do you guys think about this selection? Would you recommend anything else? If none of these, should I just get something cheap right now and wait until the haswell laptops get cheaper?