Dash - Wireless Fitness-tracking Headphones


Garnering nearly 10 times the goal, the "Dash" seems to be quiet a success on Kickstarter. Yet I've seen only a couple news outlets reporting about it, not including The Verge. Maybe it's been lost in the slew of new wearables as well as that "spectacular" Galaxy Gear 2.

Anyways, I recommend you guys checking it out because it seem like a pretty interesting take on wearables. It's form factor may be the biggest distinguishing feature, but looking at the technology inside and the concepts used, it seems like it's extremely capable in its own right. Bluetooth headphones/standalone music player (4gb onboard storage)/fitness tracker/heart rate monitor/touch sensitive design.... it's pretty impressive.

All this for $299 (you can still get it for $199 on Kickstarter). This does seem like a really good contender for best fitness tracking device. Yet its list of features leaves many, many questions unanswered:

Fitness+wireless? This just seems like the recipe for "Crap! Where did my Dash go" after a long run or a good workout. So what does happen if you lose it. Dash does claim that it will stay in your ear.

Battery life??? With an expected 3 hours (which does seem awfully low), would this hinder the usage of the wearable due to the fact that the minimum of most wearables today are 3-5 days? Dash does claim a charge time of less than one hour, but this still doesn’t neglect the fact that you’ll need to actively get a charger, plug it in, and wait. Not very convenient if you find yourself exercising or away from a charger for more than 3 hours. They include a charging pack that provides an addition 5 recharges so hopefully that will make up for it.

Accuracy? it’s in your ears. Whether that’s more accurate than something on your wrist, your leg, a phone in your pocket, I’m not sure. Dash does claim that it syncs with a phone (if you have one connected, which is actually not necessary). It also claims that it is more accurate due to its "stereo movement tracking" which can track g-force, cadence, rotation, as well as the obvious heart rate, steps, pace, etc.

Touch sensitivity? The exterior of the Dash is touch sensitive but looking at the size of it combined with using it while doing an activity, i.e. running, it’s small size could be a problem. Touch sensitivity does lower the chances of moving it because you’re not really applying much pressure, but it does seem like something that should be considered.

So what do you guys think?

PS. Don’t ask why I posted it in the Apple Core forums.