Please stop saying it's "so easy to just root it."

Hey folks, I just picked up a Nexus 5 and wanted to root it for a variety of reasons (my previous phone had a custom ROM/kernel on it) but gave up after realizing it was more daunting than it seems.

After a quick Google search, I found a guide on International Business Times to make this happen. It says in order to root, you have to have an unlocked bootloader, which brought me to another guide. In order to have an unlocked bootloader, it says you need to set up ADB with the Android SDK/fastboot, bringing me to yet another guide. What?

In the end, there was a total of 72 steps between the three guides. Read that: 72 steps in order to root my Nexus 5. Forget it. If anyone knows a faster way to make this happen, let me know. If not, please stop acting like it's such a normal and easy thing for the average consumer to do.