About Zune (the Software)


via cdn.pocketnow.com

Even though i have tryed a lot to use W8 music player, i never got along with it. As well as any other new Metro apps, in matter of fact.

So i went back to the ancient looking, but enough good to use WMP pretty quickly.

But them i remembered Zune, with i used on my old computer, and decided to download it again.

And it's surprisingly amazing.

It's as good looking as W8 player (actually, as my personal taste, Zune is a better looker to me) and works better than WMP, in matter of keeping my library organized: Tags are easy to edit, playlist managing is pretty good.

And its a Metro app that is actually focused on Mouse/Keyboard experience.

After using for a while now, i think that it is my pick for the best music player for windows.

My point:

Why did microsoft let their best music app go? What do you guys think about this software?

And, also, i am curious if there's other Zune lovers like me around.