What the actual F. is going on Microsoft?

No seriously,

I've just watched two of the top three biggest events @ Barcelona. One from sony, not a bleep about Windows Phone. I can understand that, I was just hoping that some sort of partnership was announced - but as we all saw, it's an android world through and through.

"Oh well", I said, turned back to Nokia yabbering on and on about the N x, waited and waited and waited then... "it's a Wrap"...

I'm shocked. The biggest mobile event of the year, and MS is launching only an Android device.

Are you people lunatics?

WHO is the lunatic that thought this was a good idea?

I mean, putting the Nokia X under the spotlight was bad enough, now I realize that's all there is to it.

Oh and yea, people will fall in love with oneDrive and skype when they buy a Nokia X, then they'll jump to Lumia's. Sure they will. Don't insult everybody and don't shove your collective heads up your backsides so willingly.

No one is buying a Nokia X for Ms, no one is switching to an MS ecosystem with that device.

They'll buy it (if they will at that) to flash it with a proper android install. It's a cheap android phone that only strengthens androids foothold. No matter how "forked" it is.

Are you suggesting that Android Works better on lower HW specs? Come on, ofc it doesn't. There is no reasoning (but one) to make this phone (I really don't want to think that the reason is that "one").

I'm very shocked. Are you idiots testing the waters? See how this goes - maybe abandon ship?

F. you all .!..