I think the Nokia X is the best €89 smartphone ever.

If I was reviewing this particular product right now and took price strongly into consideration, I would have to consider the Nokia X to be the frontrunner scoring north of 8.5. I also think a lot of people here fail to realize that.

People with a shoestring budget finally have access to Microsoft's services.

In terms of design and presentation, the phone will stand out compared to the other cheap china knockoffs running stock Android and uninspired entry-level Samsung smartphones. It even goes as far as not having a number next to the name unlike virtually every other Nokia device.

... and it runs Android too giving a nod to all those Android tinkerers that have extremely tight budgets too. And those Candy Crush, Flappy Bird and PvZ 2 fans of course.

If Nokia/Microsoft can really make that €89 price tag solid across all the countries it is intended for, I can go as far as saying that the Nokia X is immune to criticism until some other company dishes out a more attractive offering.

Before commenting, just remember this quote:

The X will be released for just 89 Euros in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and elsewhere globally, it won’t be making its way to North America, Japan, Korea, or Western European countries.

This automatically eliminates the Nokia Lumia 520 from the budget equation (it costs about $170 when converted in my area)

So with all those details, I would be happy to recommend this phone to anybody with a tight budget. Might even make for a cool gift too.

Agree? Disagree? I could be wrong but I would love to have a healthy discussion.