Nokia X will be one of shortest lived product families in mobile history me thinks.

The project was started by Nokia sometime in early/mid 2012 as a plan B, to slowly enter the Android game from the low end. Obviously a lot man hours have been contributed to this project and Nokia, whilst still its own company (owning the device division that is) out of respect for those efforts aims to still go ahead with releasing this device.

Microsoft has a far more different plan for Nokia's low end phone offerings I am thinking, one that certainly does not involve Android, which would not bring in any immediate advantages and money anywhere.

Whilst it may seem like a viable approach to disseminate its services by enticing Android oriented OEM's to also release their phones with MS/Nokia fork of Android installed, with next to no rnd cost for the OEM, this would not float, since Ms services do not offer any real advantages over those of Google's own on mobile and it would need to fund a whole new team/division devoted to keeping the fork and services up to date.

Most interestingly is that Windows Phone is more than capable of running on low end hardware, in fact will likely offer a better experience than the said fork and licensing fees are not the problem either, since Microsoft can obliterate them for devices costing under 100$ etc. So I really don't see the need for this fork, if this project got Microsofts approval and they were actively involved, then it may also have been Microsoft that was making a plan B at the time and thinking an Android based mobile platform, should it be ever be needed would not suffer from any app shortage/quality problems. However at this point with WP growing and getting nearly every app out there I think this Android fork is ready to be flushed down the toilet.

My guess is that Nokia X will be last years snow by May.