Why the Nokia X does not make any sense to me....

I had posted this on Wpcentral and i figured i'd post it here since I frequent this site as well. I was a bit shocked at the fact that they are literally covering this Nokia X line so heavily despite it has nothing to do with windows phone. But even more confused as to how they are sort of hyping it up, without looking at why this does not make any sense whatosever....

Why this does not make sense....

1. People compare this to the Kindle method...Except Amazon services such as their Kindle Books ecosystem and Amazon Prime are reasons why people go for those devices. Yes, Kindle is a Forked android but it's main purpose is to give users a better experience to their services.

This device offers microsoft services...except...you can still get those SAME services on normal Android phones that have full access to the google play market. If i was in an emerging market, if I saw a phone like this and I saw another regular android phone why on earth would I go for a gimped device?

2. People keep saying this is not a Google Android Phone...Uh Yeah it is. It's just not a Pure Android Phone......just like the Kindle Fire is STILL an android tablet, it's just not a Pure android tablet. ANyone can then just simply remove the KIndle OS(and Nokia/Microsoft stuff) and you have a full android tablet.

Especially with the ability to sideload apps...this makes even less sense.

3. Furthermore, yes it does look like Windows Phone to a degree on the surface....Heck, Windows Phone 7.8 looks just like Windows Phone 8 but once you start using it, it still performs the same way a typical android phone would work and nothing like a windows phone.

4. This is meant to be a "transition" phone in the Hopes that people will then later upgrade to the Lumia line of devices....

Umm...Hmm? Why on earth would anyone who has an android phone that looks like Windows Phone but isn;t a windows phone then decide to upgrade to an android phone? Goes back to #1....just because there are microsoft services does not tie them to microsoft since essentially they can still use the same services on any android phone. Microsoft, unlike Google, makes the apps available on all platforms...and even better than what we get on windows phone.

Furthermore, think about it in a negative way......Let's say that people DO ASSOCIATE these phones with windows phone. Given the outdated software and overly customized UI, if a person winds up hating these devices(Similar to how i hate Samsung galaxy and i'll never own a Samsung windows phone even though the two are unrelated except by manufacturer) wouldn't that then give someone a negative thought towards Lumias since the X line "looks" like Lumias.

Not to mention the message it sends to current users of the OS as for me, I frankly am beginning to wonder...Do you really have faith in your OWN system that you would need to go to your competitor to try and gain success?

What would have BEEN BETTER....IF you're going to try and expose users to Windows Phone/Microsoft...Why not create a Dual Booting Nokia X...Still have the same ugly Android version but also have Windows Phone. That doesn't necessarily mean it would be better but at the very least i can then get behind people saying "Oh yeah, this will totally get windows phones into more hands....."

Furthermore...if you're going to use an outdated OS...Why not throw Windows 7.8 on some new devices LMFAO....At least then you can expose them to a "Lite version" and the phones can still be somewhat cheap as crap.

I see this happening one of two ways

1. The Phone will be the new kin(I hope) and trashed Post Merger.

2. The Phone will do well(Likely) though it'll have negative connotations on windows phone.

And anyone who says these phones aren't competing with the Lumia 520..smh. These phones are the same price as what you can now find a Lumia 520.

I do have a feeling I will probably be holding onto my Lumia 1520 for longer than i ever held onto a phone because if this begins to introduce more phones as Nokia claims......I really may need to start reconsidering my phone OS and I absolutely love WIndows phone but i don't get the whole "Using your competitor OS who has done more harm to your own OS" to gain success mentality.