Sooooo nobody is going to say it???

I mean we are all thinking it right??? The leaks of HTC's new offering are pure garbage. The last version (M7) looks great, and still does today. Now we have Samsung which ... I don't even know where to start. The Effin gs2 looks better than the leaks I've seen of the 5.

As many already know I've switched to iOS. (yes I know a tragic lost to the google plex) but part of me was hoping that Samsung would do something amazing (since htc failed me). I was hoping that the gs5 would have a new UI that made me happy and all cheerful and the new design of the phone would be beautiful. And then I saw the leaks and my eyes were instantly bleeding. I guess I'll wait to see the final product. Google Nexus seems to be the only way to go with Android but the general public are so unaware of it. Guess I'll be getting iPhone six until the next nexus.

as for Samsung and htc. ..... Kill it with fire.