The situation of Android phones has never been better.

So I read there are some people complaining that Android's "gotten stale", that they are considering leaving for another platform and that the new Galaxy S5 is proof that Android just can't get it right.

These are all just personal opinions - so why should I care at all? Well, mainly because to me these opinions are in such a stark contrast to reality that I just feel like somebody should voice a different opinion.

To me the state of Android when it comes to phones is better than ever:

- Choice: The number of options I could honestly recommend to a friend looking for an Android phone has increased drastically compared to even last year. Nexus 5, Moto X, LG G2, Xperia Z2, Galaxy Note 3 all have different areas where they excel, but none of them has major flaws. And these are only the more recent phones: The GS4, the HTC One and even the Nexus 4 are still very usable nice devices one could easily recommend to somebody more budget-minded. That's also because...

- Aging: Last year's top smartphones have aged pretty well until today. A prime example is the Nexus 4, which still is perfectly snappy and still gets the job done very well- even > 15 months after it was released! We simply haven't had that kind of persistency before with Android.

- Low-price-phones: There is nothing nicer than a phone that just works but doesn't cost a fortune. 2 years ago there was no such thing in the Android world. Now the great Nexus-phones and the Moto G or the new HTC Desire phon es (among many more) are available - just really nice looking good phones for anyone on a tighter budget.

- Updates: Google seems to be enforcing a more consumer-friendly OEM-update policy for some time now and rumor has it they will even double down on it: forcing-oems-to-certify-android-devices-with-a-recent-os-version-if-they-want-google-apps/ but even more important...

- ...updates do not matter as much anymore: Remember when we were crushed when our phone didn't get the new glorious HOLOfication of ICS and was forever stuck in dark green gingerbread? Well, my gf's Note 3 got KitKat today -she asked what had changed afterwards. It was hard to tell for me as well! Android is pretty mature right now. Still there is of course room for...

- Exciting new concepts: There is the YotaPhone, the Blackphone, the Nokia X, the ASUS Padfone... No platform has this level of diversification, experimentation and freedom of choice. But - and that is important - even the conservative, boring reiterations of last year's phone are still really good phones.

So that's it. Today Android as a whole is more beatiful, more diverse, more practical and simply - better than ever. I'm excited to see what's ahead- but I'm still really satisfied with what I have today.

P.S.: Did I mention there is now an Android phone that is really small but has a great camera, awesome battery life and the best processor available? How everybody craved for that just months ago..