Hidden WP Store gems

Let's have a little break from all the big controversial news and do something I haven't seen in the tribe for a while - list some nice Windows Phone apps that most of us probably don't know of.

Here's my list. Add yours!

  • TinyDo Beautiful simple gesture-heavy task list app with audio notes feature and lock screen notification count (unfinished tasks).
  • Rain Alarm Some of you might know this app, but for those who don't: It lets you know when it's raining or snowing near your location. Its live tile indicates the intensity and distance of the rain, when you open the app you see a precipitation map, and you can enable and adjust notifications.
  • Photostream Automatically changes your lock screen background at time intervals of your choice. Uses various sources such as local or SkyDrive folders, Flickr groups, Flickr search results, 500px, etc.
  • Single Note Very simple note taking app that consists of nothing but a white text field. Nice (and much simpler) alternative to OneNote's quick note feature.
  • On Air TV Programm Nice customizable TV guide for German speaking countries.