So the SGS5 has been unveiled, and so far, it looks remarkably disappointing. This seems to be even less of an upgrade than the much ridiculed iPhone 4 -> 4s upgrade.

In comparison to the LG G2, the S5 just doesn't seem to cut it for being released almost half a year later.

Just to put them into comparison, the S5 is larger in every dimension, than the S4 that it replaced (yes, even thicker), and it even larger in size than the G2 which has a larger display.

The G2 even has a larger battery, and is lighter, albeit thicker.

Samsung hasn't seemed to add OIS, so its camera will most likely be worse than the pretty good G2 camera.

You really aren't going to notice a slightly faster CPU, and a slightly faster GPU either.

The best part about the S5 is that it is waterproof, and at this point the Z2 just looks like a better option.

Congratulations to LG for making a phone that could beat Samsung's best 6 months early.

I sure hope the F series isn't just a rumor, or else Samsung will have to play major catchup with the Z2 and the G3.

I am really happy that the other OEMs have picked up steam; this will force Samsung to pick up their game and stop them from blindly copying Apple with gold phones, fingerprint scanning, and lackluster updates.