What Would Be The Reaction If The Gear Fit Was Apple's New Smartwatch?

I pose the question because I can't help but think it would be hailed as amazing and revolutionary, with a gorgeous curved screen, heart rate monitor, solid battery life etc.

I mean to be honest I don't even think the Gear Fit is that great, not for my needs anyway, but I do think the reaction (though generally positive) would be a whole lot different if this was a much expected Apple product.

I have to say I think Samsung have taken a pretty clever strategy to wearables. Let's face it they're never gonna compete with Apple in the "let's properly research this and create an amazing first-time product" strategy. So instead they're going down their usual route of putting concepts out there but for sale, and then making iterative improvements over time. In in year or so I can see the Gear Fit being pretty stunning, and the Gear watches being perfectly serviceable.

I still actually hope Apple blows everyone out of the water of course, and I think all Android users should hope for the same, because the only way this fledgling market is going to accelerate is through competition and innovation from all the oems.

For me I reckon it will be 2 or 3 years before a super slim wearable that I actually want to wear comes out, but the Fit is going in the right direction certainly.