The Situation for Android Phones Has Never Been Worse

In all honesty, after hearing about MWC today, all viable options have reduced drastically. The S5 increased its bezel, and size, making it arguably their ugliest phone to date. Motorola is gone, HTC's new one looks like a hideous step back as well. Lg's phones are good, but their skin EASILY takes the cake as worst android skin of any oem. Sony seems to be the only option, but I don't care for their skin and size either.

And in all honesty, I fear what apple cooks up. This year will be a near drought in quality android devices. And this just might be the year apple blows people away with a 5" bezel less display with phenomenal design. Android's worst year, paired with possibly apple's best, is NOT a good sign.

As a result, there is only one I think can salvage this year for android, Google. I truly hope the rumors of the nexus line dying are simply rumors. They've never built amazing devices, but experience for them is building. Hopefully they can create a nicely designed phone, great camera, coupled with stock android that everyone loves. This has to be the year, because if not, Apple will definitely be taking advantage.