SGS5: We Got What We Wanted, and Yet...

We still seem to be complaining, sometime contradicting what we previously said.


Everyone said the S5 should move away from glossy plastic and to a matte plastic like the One X or Nexus 7. And behold, the back looks like and feels like the Nexus 7 (according to both Engadget and the Verge), but whereas people praised the Nexus 7 for its soft-touch feel, people are comparing the new back to bandaids, tires, and all sorts of other undesirable things. Many have said it's worse than the S4. Would they have really preferred the glossy plastic?


People were very upset about the 2K display rumors and urged Samsung to keep it at 1080p for performance and battery. And that's what Samsung did. It even increased the battery by 200 mah. Yet there's a lot of grumbling that Samsung used the same ol' 1080p display. Would people have preferred the 2K display or would they be angry about that too?


People wanted more Holo, and from the screenshots available so far, it is more Holo. The status bar icons are white, the search bar is kit kat style with touchless control, S health looks very Holo, and everything else looks flatter. Many seem to think it's worse than the S4 UI though. Is there any particular reason? Samsung seems to have made a lot of steps towards the Google UI.

Perhaps we need to do a blind test. Cut out parts of the Nexus 7 and S5 back and don't tell participants which is which and ask them to rate on look and feel. Only show the displays from various phones coming out at the same time and have people rate them without knowing the brand. It seems highly possible much of this criticism is due to a preconceived image of Samsung phones.