Elop's plan to spinoff xbox

This is what I think Elop wanted to do... I think elop valued the xbox+bing consumer division more than the enterprise one... to maximize value i think he believed a seperation was needed to seperate the microsoft name from the consumer products. he wanted to make seperate microsoft's enterprise and consumer divisions off into their own seperate companies...

The enterprise company: Microsoft... its a shell of its old self, it just makes boring enterprise and office products which would eventually be left to die within 10 years.

The consumer company: Xbox+Bing... this would essentially have been the "new" microsoft, not hindered by its legacy name and enterprise stuff. It only makes consumer products...quicker and nimbler to react in the market. partners with enterprise microsoft .

his plan to spinoff xbox actually means making a new, nimbler "microsoft" not named microsoft. kind of like how GM went into bankruptcy to get rid of its non-necessary assets.