Recommended Android Phones?

I'm considering upgrading in the near future (as soon as possible) from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a new Android device from ATT. I have browsed through the currently available options such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I hate Touchwiz) and HTC One as well as the newly announced S5 and the soon to be announced HTC One (second generation or M8), but nothing really stands out. At heart, all I really want is a great screen (1080 HD) coupled with decent battery life and pure Android (I'm talking about you Nexus 5), but there really isn't a device available or at least soon to be available that fits these guidelines on ATT. I understand that I can root and install a custom Rom which I've done before but prefer not to do so again. Should I just go ahead and buy the HTC One right now or wait for the next generation? So, any suggestions guys?