GS5: Can't say I'm the least bit disappointed...

I'm a Nexus guy, have been since Day 1, and I've never seriously considered owning a Galaxy model due to Touchwiz. However, that doesn't stop me from being impressed with what Samsung have done with the new Galaxy S5.

- IP67 Certification: Awesome, a certain level of waterproofing should be mandatory on all smartphones in 2014. It's not cost prohibitive at all to implement, as demonstrated by the Moto G.

- Camera: A new 22% larger 1/2.5-inch sensor, with IsoCell tech, a hybrid autofocus system with both contrast detection and PDAF (a first for smartphones), and supposedly ultra-fast shot-to-shot time. Can't really ignore the 4K video recording either, which promises to be even better than that of the Note 3 courtesy of the new sensor.

- Screen: 500 nit Super AMOLED display, a nice 25% brightness bump over the GS4. Initial reports are that the screen has much improved color accuracy as well, which has always been the shortcoming of AMOLED.

- Built-in heart rate monitor, a pretty neat industry first. Much cooler than the fingerprint reader, in my opinion.

- Improved back panel with a much better in-hand feel. This is a big one, since the GS4 had a horrible back panel. The original Nexus 7 had a soft touch plastic back that was very well received, so the one on the GS5 shouldn't be too dissimilar.

These little and not so little improvements are going to combine to a create phone that is undeniably going to be excellent day-to-day for your average user, despite any subjective reservations about looks and software choices from the cognoscenti on these and other forums.

Yes, the dimensions have grown a bit when compared to the GS4, but really not much when compared to the GS4 Active. And for those who's primary focus is aesthetics and plastics, let's not forget that Samsung is going to be releasing a premium model sooner than later, with - it's fair to presume - even better specs than the GS5. Despite all the pronouncements of doom and gloom, the iPhone 6 isn't going to have the premium high-end market all to itself. So if metal in the hand is what you want, you will have choices come the later half of 2014.

Just my $0.02