Clean Slate: If marketing dollars were equal, who would be the top Manufacturer?

I have been thinking about this a lot since the launch of the GS4, and it has only been more of a question with the launch of the GS5. IF Samsung didn't spend a billion dollars on marketing it's phones, wiped everyone's memory of any past advertising, and gave everyone (including Apple) the same amount of marketing dollars, who would come out on top.

Would the HTC One fared better in 2013? Would Sony's waterproofing have mattered more? Would Samsung and LG have a harder time differentiating themselves from each other? Would the iPhone be a tougher sell with its smaller screen and less exotic feature set, without years of accumulated marketing cachet? Would Motorola carve out a larger portion of the market with the X? It's an interesting thought experiment.

What do you guys think?