Need Help - Surface Pro 2 OR ?

I'm in desperate need of the Tribe's help.

My boss wants a windows 8 tablet/hybrid to replace his laptop and iPad. This device will mostly be used while traveling/business/corporate environment/in meetings/etc, but will also be used for personal use. Money is really not a concern, but he'd like to get the most for what he's spending. He has his eye on a fully loaded Surface Pro 2 (hates the fact he still has to buy each of the accessories separate), is there anything better or comparable for cheaper or offers more? Please list your top 3 if you have a top 3 as well as any promotional offers I should take in consideration (like purchasing at a Microsoft store rather BestBuy, or Office pre-installed, etc).

I literally have 4 hours before we take a trip to BestBuy and check them out.

Thank you!