The Gear Fit - Samsung now copies Apple rumors!

With the launch of the Samsung Gear Fit, it is as though Samsung has gotten so quick and efficient at copying Apple, that now they copy Apple products before they are even announced. Nobody knows what the iWatch will look like or if it even exists, but rumors have suggested it will be a piece of curved glass perhaps with battery in the band.

What if...the iWatch does look strikingly similar to the Samsung Gear Fit? Obviously it would be much more minimalist and sexier because Apple made it...but what if Samsung is pretty close? Does Tim Cook and his team all take a collective breath today and think "We have to make some changes, otherwise WE'LL look like the me too product for once?" Or do they just go ahead with the original plans?

Of course there is always the chance that the "iWatch" is nothing like the Samsung Fit, and in that case they are laughing at the rumors and at Samsung's willingness to copy Apple rumors.