Is Internet a Right/Necessity?

So after reading the article about the state of the internet in America, I was very interested in one specific debate, which is mentioned in the title to this post. One of the main arguments throughout the comments was if people need the internet, and if it should really be considered a utility. I wanted to use this thread specifically for that question without the other parts of the article, so please stay on topic. I'll start with my argument:

I believe that the internet might not be a necessity for life, but for living in America and having any chance it is a necessity. If the internet becomes only more expensive, it will make the wealth gap even higher. America is all about being judged on your merits, but if there is a smart poor person who can't afford internet and a dumb person with internet, who do you think will get and keep a job? People need the internet to find jobs, and use email and other corporate connections at home. Without that being a reality in every home, poor and rich will only become more separated.

On a separate note, if the internet is only accessible to the wealthy in the country, then it is severely limiting the voice of the poor. As proven true by petition websites, activist groups, and even Facebook activism (not good at doing stuff but good at spreading information) the internet is an extremely important place for people to voice their opinion and get informed. If we only grant this to the wealthy, we are doing something extremely wrong.

What do you think?