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This week we are sharing Kristian Bertel’s work in this focus article. He is a photographer, who has traveled in Rajasthan, one of the most colorful provinces in India. He specializes in travel and portrait photography. Kristian, a dedicated traveler, always tries to depict life in a pure and simple and unstaged way. Giving the viewer the feelings and emotions, he experiences while shooting, is what he tries to accomplish in each of his photographs.

Time and emotions
"- I have developed such a great appreciation for the power of time and emotions. In some situations you only have a split of second to capture a moment. A moment that can create a picture which can stand as a noteworthy and classic photograph to oneself for many years. I like the idea that beautiful and great photos can be taken in an instant, if you are in the right place at the right time."

Intimate close-up images
"A good picture is most of the time very subjectively. I have been shooting photos with a 70-200 mm because I want to have these intimate close-up images. Feeling comfortable with your equipment is also important for me. Normally I shoot a couple of frames of each subject to be sure that I have captured the situation as I see it. On assignments and further traveling I want to have more focus on wideangle photography."

His photo above of an nomad Indian girl is portrayed in the Great Indian Desert in Rajasthan, India. You can view more of his work on his website
Kristian Bertel | Photography.