Is Samsung starting to get more monotonous within it's features?

I know it's only a reveal but the Galaxy V seems like something Samsung could of did better, But don't get me wrong; The new choice of material on the phone's back looks like it feels way better than the cheap plastic on the previous Galaxy S series, and the fingerprint scanner is something we all saw coming but quite impressive to be on the screen, and the Heart rate tracker is quite impressive to read the rate of your heart through your finger (Although I could see people using it for more than fitness) as well, But I just don't see that major feature that everyone would see as a seller ( I'd like to put a emphasis on I, because you may think the heart rate tracker is a seller for you or the fingerprint scanner ) And honestly i don't blame them; It's 2014, It is probably hard as hell to find something that is a seller now; Both iPhone and Galaxy S in the previous years has amazed people with it's surprising features and such, but now it is 2014; Things like Gestures, Voice assistants, NFC, and Wireless Receivers ( Controlling TVs and such) wouldn't be considered amazing or outstanding now; It's basically something you'd just expect to be in new flagship phones, And for companies that's been some heck of a work to get; The "future" is closer than we thought and now it's hard to think of new features, So maybe this isn't going to be just Samsung, It could be that in 2014 Companies that make flagship phone such as HTC and LG could struggle to make eye-popping features this year; Or maybe this is just Samsung, Never know if Apple has something up their sleeves with their next product, or if HTC is going to make another killer phone without a plastic back ( To conclude on phones with plastic backs, please, no more.) And a successor like the HTC One, or maybe i'm just speaking crazy talk.

But tell me people of The Verge, Is Samsung losing it, or Is 2014 going to have a hard time making new tech, Or am i just speaking crazy stuff?