Let's Get This Book Written!

Greetings Heroes!

By distilling various gaming tropes into a kind of paste and slathering it over blank sheets of paper, I have begun the long and arduous process of authoring a book entitled, "RESPAWN: A Gamer's Guide To Life, Love And Destroying Your Enemies".

It is a collection of life lessons inspired by the games we all know and love and is meant to be a love letter of sorts to the industry.

That said, this book will be nothing without the input from gamers just like you!

  1. What lessons have videogames taught you?
  2. What awesome stories can you share?
  3. What's your happiest/funniest/angriest/traumatic-est gaming memory?

Feel free to chime in below. The really awesome ones will be forcefully caressed into the finished book! Much adventure! Such wow!

P.S. For more info, please enjoy this short interview!