WOW! 100 Gb's of Onedrive Storage for 100 Bing Rewards points. Hurry! Limited Time!

As the title says, Bing is having a promotion today for its OneDrive users, whereby you can get 100 Gb's of space on OneDrive for a measly 100 Bing rewards points. The offer is limited, don't know if it's limited in Time or Availablity regarding storage, and it's only for one year.

I myself got 2 x 100 Gb's today, awaiting the confirmation email and it should populate my OneDrive storage within 24 hours. In total, I've got 523 Gb's :)

Happy shopping Tribes people!

[UPDATE] Only one redeem code per Microsoft account. Boo! Just used a ton of Bing rewards points on this. Gonna see if I can get them back.

[UPDATE 2] Found this out via a Paul Thurrott twitter convo thread, and it seems that you can extend the expiration date of this deal by applying another redeem code. Mine went up from 2015 to 2016. I used 2 different codes, so at least there's that.