Xbox One Improvement Idea

FPS gamers unite to bring auto "game mode" for specific TV's

One of the things I recently figured out while trying to get back into COD:Ghosts was that the TV I was using had some serious input lag. The phenomenon has been well document and now CNET posts these lag times in their reviews. Many other resources also test these. I never really cared before until recently when I was getting owned a lot more than I used to. Whereas I had a K/D ratio of 3.4 or something like that in COD:MW (yeah that long ago), I was now getting around 1.0... I don;t think I got THAT old.

With all this said, I then determined that yes, "game mode" on my 7 year old Toshiba 120Hz, 1080p 42" tv was 'off'. Turned it on yesterday and saw a dramatic improvement and since have it back up to a respectable level.

So my proposal is to enable the kinect to turn on "game mode" via the IR blaster when someone starts playing a game and switch it back when they run a bluray or TV. CEC can probably handle a lot of this, but XBOXOne does not support CEC at this point right? Another solution if this is not really possible due to hardware issues would be to allow a sort of "record" mode using your tv remote with the ability to run it when you run a task. I.e. I start COD:Ghosts. It starts the IR blaster to open the menu, go to video settings, go to game mode, select it, turn it on, exit. That mode would stay on until I went to a different application that started a different task. I.e. It is in game mode, but I want to switch it back. I say, "Xbox Watch TV". It opens the menu, video settings, switches it back to the right mode, etc... Just an idea... Got an others?