Lumia Icon

I really want to come back to Windows Phone following the Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, the impending Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's mobile devices unit, and the Lumia Icon's hardware.


-The Lumia 800 was my favorite, I prefer the boxy, squared feel of Windows Phones, rather than the rounded, long ones.

-The Lumia 925 was fantastic in terms of the mix between metal and polycarbonate, screen size and camera specs.

-The Lumia Icon takes everything I love about the iPhone 5S design, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 925, along with great specifications.

I do not want the Lumia 925 again, I do not want the Lumia 1020 (too big, camera bulge is too large, don't like the design at all). I also don't want the mammoth big ass stupid Lumia that I wont even mention any further.

Do you think a variant of the Lumia Icon will be released internationally?

If not, does anyone know if Verizon phones work on o2 UK, including 4G data networks?

For those of you who have purchased the Icon, how much would it have cost you off-contract, unlocked?