HTC One 2013 looks way better than HTC One 2014

HTC, in all probablility seems to have managed to spoil the beautiful design language which they have set for themselves in 2013.



After seeing such a beautiful phone all we wanted from HTC in 2014 were only 2 things:

1. Add a Memory Card support. This in fact is the major reason why people, at least the ones who I know did not go for HTC One and went ahead with S4 instead. Geeks at TheVerge may shout against it and talk about cloud storage, but a general user cares only about memory card. Yes, A MEMORY CARD!!

2. Improve the design, by removing the huge HTC Bezel at the bottom, and increase the screen size. Seriously, the HTC One just has 4.7 inch screen, but it appears larget than S4.

But what we instead are getting is:



My major complaints:

1. iPhone looks & is beautiful because its symmetrical in every possible angle. The top and bottom are equally sized and the phone is in perfect symmetry when folded sideways or from the Top.

HTC simply needs to fire its designers who have come up with a design that looks horrible from every possible angle.

2. Moving to On Screen Buttons: Talk about "shooting on your own foot" and you have HTC as an example. The On screen buttons would have made lot of sense if the screen size had increased. However, here it appears as though the same Screen size is retained and we still have on screen buttons.

3. The phone for some reason seems to be more curved at the edges than its predecesssor. This is again a big big sad point.

Looks like there is nothing stopping Samsung S5 jaggernaut in 2014 as well. The HTC Desire 610 and 860 look lot better than this asymmetrical, fugly looking phone. RIP HTC!!