Well, I'm back.

Just before Christmas, I decided I was done. I hated my iPhone. iOS 7 had totally ruined the experience. And the Moto X was looking like a great replacement.

It wasn't.

Everything was fine at first. It was fast and pretty and did everything I wanted from a phone. And then the problems began.

I noticed the screen get scratched after just a few days with it. My iPhone 5 had spoiled me with it's incredibly durable glass front. Months of abuse and not a single scratch, definitely not one as noticeable as the multiple I found on my Moto X. And only a few weeks after that, my phone slipped out of my pocket while sitting down at work, and my heart fell with it. I picked it up to find the top left corner completely destroyed. I could hardly see through it.

But I wasn't disheartened. It still worked, and I was still honeymooning with KitKat. The customizability! The options! It was incredible! And the screen was so crisp and large!

Then a few weeks ago, I was long boarding down the canyon at sunset. It was beautiful and I wanted to capture the moment. I pulled out my phone, snapped some pictures, and kept going. All I had to do was twist my wrist twice and it open the camera! How intuitive!

Then, when I looked at the pictures at the end of the trail, it hit me like a brick wall. "This phone sucks."

The colors of that incredibly vibrant sunset were muted. I felt like I was looking at something black and white, but with even less color. It was fuzzy, blurry, and totally worthless. I'd been in such a state of denial. The pixelated Instagram pictures, the stutters and pauses when playing music, with headphones, bluetooth, or anything, the app crashes, the inconsistency and lack of thought put into designing a fluid user experience. How had I convinced myself I loved this horrible phone?

A few weeks of peaceful mediocrity went by. I didn't enjoy using the phone anymore but it worked, and I'd payed good money for it, I was going to use it. Then last night came along. I picked up my phone off my desk, walked to my bed, laid down, and tried to unlock it. Nothing. Weird.

I tried holding the lock and volume down button (equivalent of lock and home for iPhones) to reset it. Still nothing. Then eventually it brought up the boot loader, which I'd never stumbled across before. I selected normal boot. It showed the booting animation, but then afterwards the screen just went black. Nothing I did would bring it to life other than getting back to the boot loader.

Just before 2 AM, I decided I was done. I hated my Moto X. I missed my iPhones amazing camera, and the fact that in 3 years of iPhones I'd never had one die on me. So I got on a local classified ad's website (KSL, if you're curious) and searched for iPhones. Found a white 5S for $500 about an hour away, and went to pick it up this afternoon

So to that guy on here that told me "one day you'll be back," you were right. Bitch.


As many of you have pointed out, getting a Moto X for the camera wasn't the best choice, but I'm a part time photographer. I have several thousand dollars in camera equipment so I'd never realized how amazing my iPhones camera was, because compared to my DSLR it took "meh" pictures at best. When I read the reviews of the Moto X, to me "an average shooter" meant something about the same level as my iPhone. I now realize how incredibly incredibly wrong that was.

Oh and by the way, after about an hour of web support I was able to get my Moto X working again. I think I'm just gonna keep it so I can play Flappy Bird on it.