Can these iOS features be recreated on Android?

I used to have an iPod touch, and now just got an Android phone. There are two features that I particularly liked on iOS (6, I haven't tried iOS 7). First, the "Tap to Tweet" and "Tap to Post" buttons on the notification drawer, with a quick box for posting on the fly.



This is how I imagine an Android iteration of this would be like:



Buttons next to the "Clear all notifications" button! Clicking them would lead to a box, with the backround darkened and the keyboard of your choice appearing. This is an example for Facebook:



And one for Twitter:



If possible, the shortcuts could change to suit everyone's needs, for quick access to an application, such as Google Keep (new note), or Camera. What do you think?

The second feature I'd like to see on Android is the "rubber banding" effect. I absolutely hate that stock Android's blue light/bar, it's so unintuitive. I have extensively searched for a mod to change it to replicate Apple's, or, better, Microsoft's rubber banding (on WP8 it's like the letters are elastic, stretching and squeezing themselves), but to no avail.

Is any of these two mods available? Is anyone willing to create them? And, also, what other features or design decisions would you like to see, ported from iOS?