Quadprocessor Laptop, any recommendations?

Hi, I currently own a Surface Pro which I use almost entirely for school and work with the stylus. I also have an i7 Quad Desktop that I built myself, but I want to get a laptop that has a quad processor (Intel) to use when I need to run heavy software elsewhere. I run structural analysis software like Robot, Revit, and SAP and I hate when it moves slow such as Revit did on my Surface. My surface pro runs AutoCAD 2014 just fine, but I wasn't happy with Revit so much so I uninstalled. So below are the specs I would like and I'd like to spend no more than 1,800.00 US$. Any shared experience is appreciated.

Larger than 14" Screen

Intel i7 Quad Processor (preferably 4th Gen)

8GB Ram (minimum, but expandable)

Solid State Drive (preferably 256 GB, but 128 will do)

Good Graphics Card

backlit keyboard (I know, it seems unimportant, but I hate it when its not there)

Windows 8 Pro

At least 5 hours of battery ( I would hate to get one with 4 hours such as the Lenovo Y510P,but I guess it could do)

I am inclined towards the Lenovo Y510P, I'm just hoping for something that has more battery life. I have read and researched many reviews on many models. I was just hoping to get more opinions and recommendations from everyone here.