Is it a good time to buy?

Hey guys, my vaio just crapped out on me. Ok that not entirely true, it was in the process of going, so i opened it up to clean out some dust, and essentially kicked it over the edge. ANYWAY!

Im looking to get my first mac. I know exactly what I want so please don't tell me to get something else. I want the MBA 13 with 256gb storage. What I want to know is if now is a good time to buy a new MBA. I heard that intel's latest processors have been delayed until 2015. I don't want to buy something brand new now, only for it to be outdated in a month. I love the battery on the macbook air and that's why i want it over the retina MBP.

That being said i have the ability to wait a little while by using a really old laptop that still functions. So please tell me, is this a good time to buy? When will apple be updated the macbook air, according to history, as we can't really know for sure. Also, i know they havent really updated anything about the chassis of the air in quite some time so are we expecting some kind of big change in the near future?

Thanks guys!

PS - I know the way technology works and you're always outdated in a couple of months, but if i have the ability to wait a month or 2, should I?