My Nexus 5 just turned into a premium feeling device

Now - before the shitstorm begins; I know that the title can be a little misleading, or even confusing, so let me get this straight: I'm not talking about the Neuxs 5 itself, let alone Android or anything software related.
The only things I am here to discuss are in-hands feeling and aesthetics.


I bought this beautiful skin from the website, and though its offices seem to be located in Canada (Toronto), shipping my item to Italy didn't take any longer than a week, which is pretty remarkable given how troubling overseas shipments can be.

About the skin itself, the one I chose is an incredibly high quality sort of fibre that not only enhances the overall "poor" feeling of the white Nexus 5's plastic, but it most of all fits perfectly. It becomes impossible to find a single gap once the rigid sticker is applied properly, and it's nice to have that tad of grip more.
It's crazy how accurate the final result is, almost as if it came out of the box just like that. Do not worry; in case you decided to buy one, the "how to" section of the website (of which you are reminded in an extra sticker placed inside the letter) explains how to get into the whole process, which takes no longer than ten minutes.
I bought everything: front, back and sides, and I was given two free screen protectors as well.
Now that everything has gone out smoothly, I can definitely say that I'm extremely satisfied with the overall result.
Even though you may not like my particular combo, almost any major device is featured, and skins/colours are numerous. You can buy different pieces and make your own multi-skinned device, too, since the texture is the only thing that changes.

I thought it would be nice to share this fantastic website, and give them a kind of shoutout.
Will you buy one of these? Throw any question at me if you have one.

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