Switching to iPhone and How Android Values Have Changed : Part 3 Act 10 Section 4

So, I've been thinking lately, and I'm about to say something I never thought I would. I may be switching to iPhone.

The reasons I had been using Android before:

  • Had fun rooting and customizing
  • Great Google service integration
  • Available on Verizon
  • Design had gotten pretty exciting and tasteful
  • more apps than most platforms
But here's the dealio.

Maybe I'm just maturing a little bit, but what I look for in a device seems to be changing, and I can even see some of this change reflected in the android community. Ever since about ICS came out, there has been an increasingly large focus among the community on tasteful design and polish. We see Samsung phones, despite their massive amount of power and features, getting loads of hate due to largely the poor design and lack simplicity and taste. We see phones like the Moto X praised for their simplicity and clean interface. This is a drastically different landscape than how I remember the pre-ICS days. It used to be about specs, openness and features. These days, its about design, cleanliness and simplicity.

If look at today's iPhone, not only do you see a device that exemplifies these values of design, but also does a surprisingly impressive job of integrating with Google services. Nearly every Google service is available in an iPhone app which is often radically better designed than its Android counterpart, at least at first. Often times, you will see Google iPhone apps be ahead of Android Google apps in many respects. If design is one of the things that matters most to you (it does to me) then you could make a case that the iPhone is a better Google phone that many Android phones.
Also, many old concerns of the iPhone seem to be fading into the past:

  • Stale iOS design is fixed with iOS7 IMO, Except for a few icons which seem to be slight regressions.
  • iOS is now on all carriers
  • Google services now work quite well on iPhone

On top of all this, the iPhone doesn't compromise. With Android, you can find a phone with great camera and screen, but not a great design, and vice versa. Nearly every hardware aspect of the iPhone is one of the best in the biz.

Maybe I'm just getting bored of Android and am being a little irrational, and until the iPhone gets a larger screen I'm definitely not going to switch. But if and when that does happen, I think I'm going to seriously consider it.
So, tell me, have any of you been in a similar situation as me here? Did you switch? Did it work out well for you?