This Sunday the entertainment world will assemble for its biggest night of the year: the 86th annual Academy Awards. The Oscars will cap off an awards season that’s been particularly kind to the science fiction genre, with the space adventure Gravity and Spike Jonze’s futuristic drama Her both up for multiple Oscars — including the honor of best picture of 2013. It will also be a night full of potential for Netflix, which has already scored its first Emmy and Golden Globe wins, and could add an Oscar to the mantle with the documentary The Square.

Long before the awards ceremonies and red-carpet broadcasts kick off, however, the preparation begins. Since 2002 the Oscars have taken place at a 3,400-seat venue on Hollywood Boulevard, originally known as the Kodak Theatre before that company’s bankruptcy issues took hold. In 2012 Dolby acquired the naming rights, turning the theater into a showcase for its own audio and display technologies. It’s since become a popular venue for Hollywood premieres, with films like The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug showing off the company's Atmos surround-sound format.