Sony/Samsung : We're not making Windows Tablets because there is no demand. Dutch site ) recently run a story about why Sony and Samsung aren't making more Windows tablets. They interviewed executives from Sony and Samsung ( the guys in charge of tablets at both companies ) at the WMC where they made some interesting remarks . Here is a quick rundown of the story .

- Both Sony are Samsung are considering windows tablets for the future but nothing concrete . In the case of Sony, they're also considering making Windows Phone .

- Sony prefers android over windows because there is very little demand for Windows tablets .

Side note: which makes me wonder wondered how many android tablets Sony sells.

- Samsung will make Windows tablets if they sense that there is a demand for it.

- Samsung doesn't believe that relying on Google for their smartphone and tablet needs is much of a problem, pointing out to the recent patent agreement with Google.

- Reason why Ativ Q ( android / windows hybrid tablet ) was shelved is because there was no demand for it not because of Google .

Side note : not sure how they came to this conclusion since the device never came to market.

- Another reason why Sony prefers android over Windows on tablets is that with android gives them the opportunity to distinguish themselves. He makes a point about them being able to customize the camera app on android tablets and smartphones

Side Note : Nokia has shown that the camera interface for Windows and windows Phone can be customized . I'm not sure if this is due to a special arrangement between Microsoft and Nokia or the OEMs are not taking advantage.

- Sony thinks there is room for improvement in androids app selection but doesn't consider it a pressing problem. They believe that apps are more important on smartphones, people generally use tablets for media consumption.

General comment:

It's fine with me if a company thinks making Windows tablets is not worth their trouble , I believe that companies have the right to decide what devices to make and full responsibility for it. However in this case I get the impression that both companies are only trying to make silly excuses, more like giving a dog a bad name just to hang it.

First of all, it's hard to sell anything if you don't advertise it. I'm yet to see a single Samsung or Sony advert for their Windows tablet... compared to Samsung's almost incessant Galaxy Note 10.1 adverts.

In comparison, android tablets may be doing better than their windows counterparts but I seriously doubt that either Samsung or Sony is making that much money off tablets. Samsung is practically giving away tablets just to move units. I also doubt Sony sells more tablets than Surface line of tablets.